Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bottlenecks - the story

The MD/DE/PA/DC/VA Bottlenecks group has been meeting for a number of years. Initially we met in the libary in Elkton, MD but in recent years we have met in members houses. We usually have some Bottlehead equipment to audtion, but we also are very interested in encouraging attendees to bring their DIY creations, be they amplifiers or speakers. Tube equipment is particularly welcome.
When we were holding our meets in the library, I had to reserve the room. For some reason or other, the lady who would make the appropriate entry in the reservation always referred to us as the Bottlenecks and the name stuck. Below is a photo of the library with the table loaded with goodies. The speakers were the Fostex BK16's.
The table of goodies.

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