Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January 2003 meet

I think this was one of our first meets. As I remember these are Doug's Electrovoice speakers with some sort of horn tweeter on top.

Somebody's Foreplay. Much nicer than my build.

Straight Eights.

Crossover for the Straight Eights.

Ray's tube taster line stage. It was a parafeed designed to be able to switch easily and quickly between a bunch of tubes - 76, 6SN7, 5695, 6N1P and 5847. It was very easy to tell the tonal differences between the tubes and I found that different tubes went better with different music.

It won the 'God awful looking' prize.

Ray's first tube amp. A parafeed version of a 6BM8 Super Triode amp. We played it later in the day and as I remember, we thought it sounded quite pleasant.

The room we used is in a corner of the Elkton, MD Public Library. You can't hear the music from the rest of the library so patrons are not disturbed. Late in the day, one of the library staff came in to have a listen. She seemed to really enjoy the music.

One of Doug Piccard's push-pull monoblocks. They weighed a ton but really sounded great.

We had a lot of equipment to listen to and it really was a great start for our group.

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