Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 2008 Bottleneck meet

The meet was held again at Castlesteve's house in Sterling, VA in February 2008. Here are some of the photos.
We've heard these Hawthorne speakers a few times now and they are a very simple solution and there is a surprising amount of bass. I'm not sure which model they are but Joel has informed me that they are the Silver Iris. Steve has done further work on the baffles and having the speakers lower in the baffle closer to the floor has apparently worked well.
Above are the 3 way speakers. I can't remember what was in them and could somebody send me the details so that I can post them on the site. I didn't get a good listen to them because I was in the kitchen at the time.
The amp at the bottom of the picture with the blue transformers is the 5965/6V6 pp amp my daughter built. I wanted her to learn how to saw, drill, solder, deal with wires etc. Because she inherited her mother's dexterity with her hands, she did a much better job than I ever did. It is the Poinz Music Machine and uses metal 6V6's and the Edcor output transformers. I've been very pleased with this amp and the word to describe it is 'pleasant'. No I have not tried it with glass 6V6s because I don't have any.
Above is Hud's KT88 single ended amp. He has a web site which describes it. We used this amp for quite a while and it seemed to handle every loudspeaker we demoed quite well.
Above are the Pi 2 speakers which would be a great simple to build starter speaker.
Above are the Metronome speakers with a small Fostex driver. They sounded better on the piece of board than on the carpet. These work very well as a full range speaker and I really liked them. They have the benefits of a full range single driver with a surprising amount of bass. Makes me want to try a BIB sometime which looks to be easier to construct. You can read more about the Metronome design principles here.
To carry your Metronomes, you buy a Honda Element.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take more photos, but Dave Chen also took some photos.

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