Wednesday, February 8, 2012

May 2003 meet

We met at the Public Library in Elkton, MD. Our patron saint looked on.


A table of goodies to audition.

A side table with even more stuff.

Lovely looking monoblocks that look like 300B's to me.

The gang.

Ray's 829B amp with the lightbulbs glowing.

A great enclosure for a line stage.

Cake pan amp.

We tried the BK-16's with a tweeter. Most felt the combo worked better.

This looks like one of Doug's push pull creations.

I think this is a Bottlehead Foreplay / Seduction combo.

Closeup of the 829B amp.

 The taste tester line stage made a reappearance.

It's almost nine years since this meet so you will have to excuse my poor memory of what all these magic devices were.

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